Why Django blog with WordPress ?

Reading about Django related stuff on WordPress (PHP) powered blog might be disrespectful to simple yet powerful Python based framework like Django, which let’s you create a decent blog within couple of hours. But I don’t think this site will end up as just an another blog and if at all it end up as a blog due to laziness then I’ll sure replace this one with Django based blog which has all important wordpress features I’m looking for like comment moderation (IP and keyword filtering), SEO, WYSIWYG editor, Akismet integration, Tagging to name a few which are often ignored by many developers out there.

I’m pretty sure all those features are on mind of some of the programmers and we will see an blog app soon  but if they delay longer then I may end up writing one to move this from wordpress to Django.  Anyways we will have a migration guide from WordPress to Django as another post in form of  my migration experiences when when I migrate. Till such time, I’ll use Django badge I wish this site were powered by Django on footer.

2 thoughts on “Why Django blog with WordPress ?

  1. Hello. II believe, that Zinnia is fully featured blogging solution with a little of editing of templates I was able to make a blog that looks……not good but it works. :D
    And it has all the features you want. So if you have some more skills with CSS, Compass and Sass, than you can sure make something better looking that the default. :)

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